noob questions about general modeling workflow

Just started learning blender…
And faced some unusual behavior in using some tools comparing to the other applications.

The major issue is unable to use any other tools or functionality while another tool is active.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.
For example:
If I activate circle select I can not move my camera that I’m viewing through(Actually the whole application is kind of blocked, It doesn’t even allow me to click on the menu items). Same for Loop Cut and other tools.
So If I want to move my camera, say I want to continue selecting on another side of geometry, I have to deactivate Circle Select first by pressing Esc. And reactivate it once again.

Another issue is “dropping” tool right after it was used.
For example if I perform Loop Cut , after finishing operation this tool is not active any more and If I need to cut again I have to choose this tool again. What if I need to cut 5 times? Do I have to press call this command 5 times?

Is it normal behavior or I do something wrong?

Yes, some of the tools are modal and don’t allow moving the viewport. Circle and box select are such, but there are more precise and efficient ways to do selections than those. Knife tool is also modal, but allows to move the viewport.

It is active. The tool has modal options while using it, and the settings can be adjusted from the operator panel afterwards. Only after initiating another operator those go away.

Loop cut tool is actually loop cut and slide when using it with the hotkey. It’s two operators in one. Adding multiple cuts in one direction can be done with the tool itself, but adding same cuts to multiple places one after another by repeating last can’t be done.

Loop cut is the same as subdividing edge rings, so could select an edge ring and subdivide it, which can be repeated after selecting another ring. Select, subdivision with 3 cuts, selecting another, shift+R to repeat or from the repeat menu F3. Or could select multiple rings and subdivide all in one go.