Noob Questions about texturing...

(1) How can you apply a Diffuse Shader, Specularity Shader, or Bump Map?

(2) Can you use all three -Spec. and Diffuse, Bump - on the same model (how?)?

(3) And can you do so with a UV map (How?)?

:expressionless: Ty

in blender, there are only limited types of shaders - oren-nayar, lambert, toon for the diffuse appearance, and toon, phong, blinn and cook-torrance for the specular. except for the toon shaders, the differences are subtle and especially in the beginning neglectable.

what you want is assign textures, which affect the different material properties (color, bump, specular etc.). you’ll first need to create a texture, then define the texture type and then select the properties you want to be affected by that texture.

check out the manual (“Documentation”) on for these basics.



now i’m really confused :stuck_out_tongue:

which leads to more questions…

was this made w/ ramp shading (what kinds of settings could have been used?)?

if pic doen’t work…

how can you make something look fuzzy?

Thanks for all the help, though, for the first Q’s. I understand them much better now ^^.

For the surface of a peach, I would probably map a fine grain noise texture as a bump map onto the surface. You don’t need to use UVs for noise textures because they are procedural.

To add a bump map, go to the material editor and add a texture. Select noise in the texture panel. Then in the material panel do map to NOR and make the NOR slider quite small. You may have to make the grain finer so increase the size of the mapping in the same panel you find the NOR slider. For example make sizex,y,z to be 10 instead of 1.

You can still use the materials as usual with ramp shading. If you want to use a peach texture, you can assign UVs and map the peach texture using them and still have a procedural bump map. If you go through the manual, you’ll pick this stuff up.

those fruit were made with ramp shading