noob rigging question

Hi, as i said i am not very experienced in rigging and have decided to give it a go with just a generic character model to get in some practice over the break.

when i try to make a hierarchy of sorts by parenting the spine bone to the arm bones it connects the top of the spine bone to the bottom of the arm bone, how can i get around that?

how do i connect the bottom of the spine to the top of the thigh bones to create a hip without using unnecessary bones? is it IK chains? (if so i don’t know how to use them yet lol)

thanks for your help in advance!

Once you have the two bones and wish to parent one to the other parent them but after you press ctrl-p click ‘keep offset’ instead of ‘connected’.
If you have already have the parent you can also select the bone you wish to disconnect and press alt-p (and click ‘disconnect’)
IK chains work through disconnected bones (with real IK, not sure about auto IK) which is pretty cool.

I have trouble describing these types of things so I may be able to make a video if you need it.

Hmm ok, when i tried parenting top of the spine to the “shoulder” or on arm, the chain that appeared looked like it was connected to the bottom of the shoulder bone. And i was worried that that would result in weird motion when animating. is this not the case?

ill mess around with it some more though


I’m not getting a clear picture of your problem. Could you post a blend please?

Heres the .blend, try parenting them, if you can get it to work, or i just didn’t understand how to fix it. Post a fixed version! :evilgrin:


Test dummy - Bob test rig.blend (261 KB)

I don’t quite understand your rig because I usually have the spine/neck/head chain going up not down so I prepared a sample file explaining the process. If this fixes your problem remember to rename this post to ‘[SOLVED] some useful name’


offset-sample.blend (188 KB)

hmm, i did what you did on the second layer and ill try to move that over to my rig. thanks

Cool, let me know how it goes. Your mesh is great btw.

It’s one of the base meshes that you can make in silo 2.0 (i got the trial the other day)

but i did a little altering, nothing special though. i just feel like i spend alot of time when using blender modeling and trying to learn more about that and rigging than i do actual animation. so i tried a quick rig and it didn’t work out very well lol.

so i think i’m going to play around with mancandy and some other ones until i know how to actually rig a character.

thanks again for your help!

There are two great beginning tutorials here:

Good idea grarr. I was just going to recommend ManCandy to you before I read you were going to use it. But be warned, don’t try to dissect mancandy to get an idea about rigs. I tried and now I am addicted to it : /
Happy Blending!

yeah i took at peak at the technical side of the rig and its quite a lot heh.

i think i’ll stick to my little walk cycles lol, for now at least