Noob: Slicing cylinder in half


I am attempting to cut a cylinder in half and round its edges similar to a taco shell. I attempted using the knife on a mesh cylinder to no avail. I also created a flat oval and tried folding it, but was only able to fold on its length and not width. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

If you want to bend a shape like a taco you can use modifiers. The bend modifier on a circle can give the attached


bend.blend (144 KB)

pass the salsa :wink:

First, Thank you for taking the time! Second, please understand, to me, your illustration shows that it is possible, however, this program is like that of another language to me. I don’t know what exactly you did to get there? I added all three modifiers and watched the video below, but am still unable to replicate. Can you give more detail? Thank you again!

Thank you! I was able to open and use this drawing, but still not sure how you did it. ; )