Noob, Strange lines in coke bottle

I am doing this tut on making a coke bottle.
now, as you can see in the wireframe you can see that in the locations that i have these ‘ridges’ there are alot of vertices’s. how can i get rid of these ridges. ( i have circled in red)

is there a way to remove all those extra vertices’s and smooth that out?


if your refering to the bulge at certain area this define the 3Dshape of the bulge so it may normal for this model !

ricky thanks for your response, i am bit confused on what you ment… i have re-posted the image with the area i am talking about in red…

You could try this:

Use edge-select mode (Ctrl Tab 2), select that edge
Ctrl E and select Edge Loop
X and ‘Erase edge loop’

But … this may cause other problems (it might look too flat there). I notice that the author of the tutorial has a slight ridge there as well which may have been caused by “scaling slightly inward” on a convex curve. It gets covered up by a label so maybe it is not a big deal?

thanks alot G60… that works great…