Noob texture questions

Coming from modo and c4d there are ways I can assign materials to specific polygon selections. I can then easily select those polygons by material assignment. Is this possible in blender? I brought in a model I created and textured in modo and as I’m trying to recreate the materials in blender, I’m trying to figure out how to select those polys that have specific materials applied.

Secondly, when I work on a certain material that was originally done created substance painter as diffuse, rough, spec and normal maps I’m creating a node setup with 4 image textures piped into those specific principled shader inputs. Do I need to specify a uv map to those image textures and if so, how do I do that?


I figured out how to do the polygon/face selection by material. So I just need to figure out the uv map question.

Input- Texture coordinate node, vector- mapping node, then plugged into the image texture nodes.

But do you have to do this? Without doing this it appears that it’s already using the uv map because my texture from substance is mapped correctly when I render it.

No, you don’t. Since Substance won’t work without a UV map there must have been one in place. However, you can have more than one UVMap on an object, so you’d need to use the node that @FlyingBanana details to use a specific UVmap . . .

Here I’ve added a second uvmap to a cube ( which has this simple material ) so it shows up as the .001 with the default uvmap listed first. If the object has no mapping nothing will show in the listbox.

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