Noob to Linux but not Blender

Hi all sorry but don’t know if this is in the correct forum but really need help.

Ive just installed Ubuntu Studio on to my computer it now dual boots with XP first time of trying Linux so yaay me :slight_smile: one major problem i have and it’s probably a real easy answer is the fact that Ive downloaded the B Mesh build off of un zipped it and tried to run but can’t could anybody help or point me in the direction of how to get experimental build running…please:D

from a command line

cd to the directory with the blender executable. then type ./blender, and post any errors here

Thanks for that hessiess :slight_smile: it worked :slight_smile: but I then had a major crash on my next restart and have now installed Unbuntu 7.10 instead of studio so will need to re download the B Mesh experimental build :slight_smile:

I’ll let ya know how i get on with that :slight_smile: