Noob to Pro Tutorial

Hi all, thanks for reading this. I have a problem with a tutorial so far I’ve been working on my own and figuring stuff out by playing with tools. I’ve learned so much but the problem is that this tutorial is older than the version of blender I have which is Blender 2.56a which has proven to be quite time-consuming to find things out on my own since I have no past experience with tools such as Blender. Anyways, I’ve been figuring stuff out on my own and so far I’ve been doing great with few bumps here and there. The reason why am writing all this is because I’ve gone up to the part of tutorial where I have to make realistic mountains and in order to do so I am supposed to use fractals. Unfortunately I’ve been struggling for quite a while to find fractals, so am asking if anyone knows where I can find it, a detailed description or a screenshot would be nice. Have they been renamed? Any additional help or advice is welcome.

There still is a fractal button in blender 2.56. When you subdivide the object the button for fractals should be on the Mesh Tools column its only under the subdivide that pops up once you have subdivided it. Here is a picture if I am not explaining it very well.

Thanks a million. If I have any additional questions I’ll try to post them here or I’ll open up a new thread, I’ll try and keep it all here.

I’ve ran into another obstacle, where do I find belevel?

The bevel function has not yet been brought over into 2.56. There is a bevel addon (do a forum search) but you’ll also have to get a build that works with it. Try over at for a build incorporating the addons. You can just do it the manual way, a loop cut and scale.

Ok, so the tutorial is asking me to press K and choose Knife from the menu, problem is, K isn’t binded to any menu in 2.56a, how do I get to the knife tool?

Select the edges you want to cut and while holding down the K key and the left mouse button cut the edges. You will get the cut options at the bottom of the toolshelf or F6 after you have made the cut.

Ever since I’ve started Goblet tutorial I’ve been unable to properly make a glass looking goblet, I made a goblet, but I can never seem to get it to turn to glass. I’ve followed all instructions and this is the last goblet am making and I still can’t make it look like glass, since tutorial is using 2.49 version of blender and am using 2.56a Can anyone help? Step-by-step instructions, screenshots or a detailed explanation is desirable :evilgrin::evilgrin:

Glass only looks like glass when you set an IOR (index of refraction), raytraced mirroring and the alpha value to a desirable value.

Glass will only look like real glass once rendered, ofc… unless someone has figured out an BGSL method i dont know about to make realtime refractive reflective glass???

Yea, thanks alot for the reply, I’ve figured out a setup of my own to make glass, it isn’t completely realistic but it’s the best setup I could find after an hour playing with tools. I’ll keep posting any questions I have about the tutorial, right here, on this thread. Please do visit. =)

Ok, I while I was working on few projects I noticed the solid button but I never needed it, now I need it and I can’t remember where it is I saw it xD could someone point me toward the right direction? Am using 2.56a

I still can’t find the solid button, my mesh came out too subsurfed and smoothed so i need to make a part of a mesh solid, on the old Blender I know where the solid button is but I can’t seem to find it on the new version.

Press T for the tool shelf and there is a button there in object mode for Smooth or Flat Shaded. To apply to specific faces select the faces and press Space bar, search for flat and press enter.

I know where “Solid” button is in the old versions of blender but I can’t seem to find it in the new version of blender, if anyone could help I’d be most grateful.

EDIT: Ty so much for reply.

When I click space all I get is a drop-down with only some options like: Duplicate Window, Reload Start-up File, Load Factory Setting and etc. if u want I can screenshot it for u.

That is the search box. Just search for shade


Where is the old Polygon convert button from 2.49 when adding a bezier curve and entering edit mode?

Press T and look in the toolshelf.

I 've managed to make a bolt out of a bezier curve but I don’t know how to close it up.
Here is my bolt

Ah nvm it was under Set Spline Type