noob to pro wikibook

Blender noob to Pro wikibook

I started going through this last night and think I managed to make some progress with Blender. However, I noticed that the quality of the tutorials, which started out as really good in my opinion, seemed to drop off half way through the human figure tutorials and that some were missing altogether. I think I sropped around the “Cube to puppy” tutorial. The tutorials started becoming increacingly terse and included increasing amounts of placeholder text.

Does the author of the wikibook post here? Because I’d love to see this wikibook finished to a higher standard. The early tutorials were great and I think the book has a lot of potential but it is obviously not finished in its current state. If you’re out there, are you still working on it?

why don’t you use this link list? IMO, it’s way better


  1. I didn’t know about it! :slight_smile:
  2. I was under the impression the noob to pro book was finished. At least I got as far as the bits that were missing/unfinished.

Oh, and

  1. Those tutorials are grouped by aspect of using blender and are all by different authors. If any of them build on others then the order you should read them in is not clear.

noone really writes good tutorials they are either too vague or at the end they get lazy and just stop…

i found 2 very good tutorials on face and game makeing…but they both stopped at end an end sayinhg well thTS IT if we continue anymore it will be too difficult or they will fake it and say they dont know how to do next step mean while they still show end product!!!


seriously, the number of tutorial for blender is incredible…sure some could be better…but at least people take time to write some…do even if it doesn’t give 100% of the info…it does give alot of it…and people can then -work by themselves- to finish off the last 10%…

I learnt blender by myself while reading some tutorial on the net back in the 2.2* days…and now everything is much better…I do believe people can succeed better than me if they just try a little bit harder :wink:

Most of the tutorials I’ve managed to find so far are “How to achieve XYZ in Blender” type tutorials, which are fine for what they’re meant to do, but the n00b to Pro wikibook looked so pormising because it was a complete Blender tutorial, taking you through how to use the software. That’s what I really want, and that’s why I was hoping to get in touch with the authors.

Not to be of any annoyance, if this is the sort of tutorials your looking for, you should buy the 2.3 guide from the e-shop, its a fantastic book for anyone learning blender. i bought mine 3 months ago and are only half way through it, and i for one think its a great learning manual for blender.

And its also a good way of supporting the blender foundation.

I had thought of that, but with a 2.4 version apparently due soon, it seems to make more sense waiting for the updated book to go with it. In the meantime, I want to at least figure out the basics and thought the noob to pro book was a good starting point and until the point where it all petered out, it was.

I wouldn’t say wait for the 2.4 release to add stuff, maybe just hold off on rigging since it seems like it might be the bigger update. Also, blender™ is ever-changing, so if waiting until X release holds off good doc creation, then it will likely never get done!


I am the original author of most of those tutorials and the starter of that wikibook. If you or anybody else would like to speak with me about this, you can best reach me on in #wikiblender. You can also private message me here at Elysiun.

I’d like to remind you all that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and none of us are writing for this book professionally.


PassiveSmok, are you going to contact me, or what? I’ve been waiting eagerly to get some of your feedback. Here’s some additional ways to contact me:


Sorry, I got a little occupied with other stuff. But I’m glad to hear you’re still working on the wikibook, the early chapters were really well written.

I left you a PM

I am going to contribute some of my tutorial work from to the Noob to Pro Wiki Book. I think if a few more of the blender artists get involved it could be a really good Wiki.

I’m glad to hear that, I’ll keep an eye out for contributions. I really do want to get itno Blender but just can’t get my head around it.