noob transparent render

Hi. I am a green noob.
Rendering a scene with background is fine, but how can i render to a transparent background.
I would like to render to a png file and instead of the blue default background, have transparent background with alpha transparency as per my object material definitions.
Is that possible?

On the render panel, right underneath where you choose what type of file you want to render is an option that says RGBA. Click it and you will be on your way. I think??:confused: I must admit that I’m not entirely positive, but it makes sense.

Ike is correct, but you also have to save in a format that supports the Alpha Channel. See the wiki - PNG, OpenEXR, etc. Not jpg.

Yes, i was rendering to png and it did not work, however i set it to RGBA and wala.
I could kiss you, but i will refrain. Thanks a mil.

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COOL!! I was right for once!:smiley:

Another method that should also work: render with a white/black background and in you image-editor set all black/white to be alpha 1.00.

P.S. No offense Papasmurf.