Noob Tube 3.0: Question from the online Wiki Manual

Again everyone, please forgive my newbie skills here. I’m reading the manual, and at the end of every 4 hours shift I have a bunch of questions. Thanks to all of those for the assistance, greatly appreciated:

  1. In Edit mode, I can CTRL+LeftClick a new vertex, and continue to do so until I create a polygon or quad. How do I use this method and complete the shape, so I may “F” to create a face. It seems simply clicking over the initial vertex to complete the shape is not enough.

  2. Shift+S: Again, I’ve selected all the variations from this menu, it doesn’t seem to do anything, I must be missing something.

  3. I read this in the manual, and I tried it, it worked… but what does it do? I’m confused (when I say it worked, I mean I followed the instructions, but I hadn’t a clue as to what it did).

“”"""" You can parent an object to a single vertex or a group of vertices as well; that way the child/children will move when the parent mesh is deformed, like a mosquito on a pulsing artery. In Object Mode, select the child/children and then the Parent Object. Tab into Edit Mode and on the Parent Object select either 1 vertex that defines a single point, or select 3 vertices that define an area (the 3 vertices do not have to form a complete face they can be any 3 vertices of the Parent Object), and then Ctrl P and confirm. At this point if a single vertex was selected a relationship/parenting line will be drawn from the vertex to the child/children. If 3 vertices are selected then a relationship/parenting line is drawn from the averaged center of the 3 points (of the Parent Object) to the child/children. Now, as the parent mesh deforms and the chosen parent vertex/vertices move, the child/children will move as well.""""

  1. Procedural Duplication: You can find this in the Objects Context F7 under Animation Settings. I tried these buttons after reading about them. None of them worked. I’m sure it’s me, I’m not sure how to actually duplicate via this menu.

Many many Thanks! ;);););):wink:

1 - To add a face, slect 3 or 4 verices and press F. Don’t make a vetex on one you already have. This is how you make doubles, two or more vertices in the same location. This will cause trouble down the line.

I suggest rather than just read the wiki, start with tutorials that are designed for a new user and progresses further through learning the basics. Without understanding the basics, you will soon get ahead of yourself and get totally confused. I can’t stress enough, learn the basics and how you should approach modelling something before trying all the fancy stuff.

There is a sub forum for tutorials which should have many listed. Some may be old and the interface may have changed but the principles are still valid. Try to watch video tutorials, many on youtube, as this will greatly aid the learning.


2 - all this does is move vertices or the 3D cursor. Shift+S, 4 is the only useful one I’ve found here, it is used to change the cursor’s location to the selection. After that, you can use it as a mirror or rotation origin by pressing the period key or use it with Center Cursor.
If you’re looking into actual snapping, Shift+Tab or that magnet icon will allow you to snap when holding down Ctrl.