Noob UV Mapping problems

Forgive me if I’m just being stupid here, I’ve been using blender for a while and am getting better at modeling and animating but I’ve never tried UV mapping textures. I want to map an image texture to a plain so I can then apply a cloth animation to it and have the image deform with the cloth. I found an easy to follow tutorial, but stumbled at the first step. The tutorial was written for 2.45 and I’m using 2.49, one of the first steps in the tutorial is to select UV face select mode, however my mode drop down window doesn’t have it listed, it has everything else, texture paint, sculpt mode etc but not UV face select. Has the UV mapping procedure changed in 2.49 or am I just missing something obvious? Can someone let me know what I need to do or point me towards a UV mapping tutorial specifically written for 2.49, Thanx folks

UV Face Select is now built into the normal edit mode.


Cool thanks, I thought it would be something simple.

Ok so I tabbed into edit mode using blender’s default cube and the uv editor window turned blue, I opened up my image and hey presto my image was mapped to all sides of the cube. Progress! or so I thought. I opened up a new blender file and created the plain I want to UV map, I followed the same process again but this time the UV editor would not turn blue when the face of the plain was selected, so I created yet another new file and tried mapping a cube again…whadayanow the same problem again regardless of how many faces I had selected none of that desirable blueness in the uv edit window. The first time i tried it it turned blue as soon as I tabbed into edit mode. Excuse the extreme noobiness of these enquiries but I can’t see what it is I’m doing wrong.

If I understand your problem correctly…
this should happen when u turn on the “sync uv and mesh selection” option…
its the button which has a square with 4 vertices as the icon…next to the pivot options.
also im assuming u already hit the …unwrap option “U” once.
hope this helps…

OK, a jumpstart to UV-Mapping:

  1. split screen so you have one window with a 3d-view, and one with the UV-Editor
  2. in the UV-editor: image/open/ and select the image you want to use as texture
  3. select the plane to texture ->tab to enter edit-mode
  4. in edit-mode turn on face-selection (see faceselect.jpg ). Press a do deselect all, and select only the face/faces you want to texture.
  5. with the face selected press u
  6. select “unwrap” and you will notice, that the outline of the selected face will appear in the UV-editor. There you can change the placement of the mesh relative to the texture using basicly the same commands as in mesh-editing in edit mode: s for scaling the selected faces (or vertices), g for moving them, r for rotation. (see unwrap.jpg; note that only one of the faces is selected)

In case you want to select more faces that are actually attached or facing the same direction you might want to try the option “project from view” instead of just doing “unwrap” for each face.