Noob video compositing questions..

I am trying to composite 2 videos into one. I can only render out the first frame .
It shows that it is composting correctly but i cant get a the whole video to render out.
I dont think its the nodes.What else am I doing wrong?
I tried to render out with do sequence and do composite checked and unchecked. no worky.
Heres a pic .
Pleeeese help.:o


Hi, for starters you can make sure that you have loaded more than one frame in the image input node. The screenshot you’ve attached clearly shows that you’ve only used 1 frame from the clip so it makes perfect sense that Blender renders out a single frame.

Set your animation end to be the end of your click, and click Anim, not Render. Also set your output format to a video. Hope that gets you started. or buy my book (please!) from your local barnes and noble, or amazon, or the blender e-shop, or check out the wiki on the input node.

ok thanks for the help. I changed the number of frames in the two inputs.
I create file output node. I see no video format there. only jpg and such.

You set the vid format in the render panel, eg quicktime and then set the compression method, eg h2.64 just like you were going to render an animation. Then you do animation with do composite selected.

BTW I realllly like papasmurfs book, you can work through it at your leasure but approaching it one chapter at a time is working best for me. Its not a superficial “fun” sort of book, as the subject is the detailed nuts and bolts that you need to know to get the job done. But the examples you work through are exactly the kind of things that we all seem to really want to do.

I got it to render out all the frames and it looks right. but each frame is a jpg not movie clip.
I have a render output node with jpg selected because there is no video format there. <- should I delete this thing?
I have mov selected down at the format options below but these seem to be ignored.

Ok I got it working. Thanks for the help. I got a teapot camera tracked on top of that brick.I used alpha overlay or something because i cant get chromakey to looks like a ghost.