Noob with basic glow problem

I am currently working on a logo for my company and I want the text that I traced using bezier curves. (which has caused some other complications regarding a parot with multiple colors on it) I have no idea how to proceed on that one. Anyways my tracing is down pat and the logo looks great as far as that is concerned. My question is say I want to make the lettering green but with an orange glow. How do I accomplish this? I have looked at the vid tuts and other posts but I am a total noob and having some real frustration here.

Mahalo for all of your help on this matter.

Well, if you render with Yafray, you can make Lamps have a glow, just turn the color of the lamp orange. Put the light intensity down to about .1

I don’t know about anything else, unless you use the CVS build with nodes.

It would be the Plain CVS build.

“green with an orange glow” is too vague. Do you mean like neon, so the logo is green but there’s a hazy orange illuminated “fog” around it? Or what about like fluorescent lighting behind it, a backlit wall plaque or car with a undercarriage light effect? Et cetera.

I want the neon effect as you described. a green logo with a orange haze around it. thanks for the replies

Is your logo animated or still? if its still it would be easy to do post pro.
render just the part of your logo you want to glow. make it the color you want the glow and bright. use a black world and set the render output to RGBA and save the render in a format that supports alpha, I use .png.
Open your complete render in Gimp, photo shop or any other image manipulation program with layers. Add the render of the glowing part in a new layer and blur it. play with layer opacity and blur amount to get the affect you want. If the glow is obscuring the front of your text mask out the text part.
That might not sound easy but give it a try its an easy way to set up glow or with some changes DOF.

Ah, OK. There’s a search button, please use it. :smiley:

Cause man, neon comes up a lot here. There’s some great examples; try searching for neon, glow, and light saber… those will land you some great threads, with even sample .blends you can download and investigate.

I’ll get you started, this is Jason G’s lightsaber halo thread from last month.

Thanks, for the thread, but when I try to do it I make one line green and then when I go to make the other one white, it turns both lines white. How can I disconnect the two from one another. I am trying this with my logo and getting the same problem. The duplicate keeps the same properties as the other one. I know its something really stupid but would appreciate any help.


Ah. If you Add an item while in edit mode, it adds to it to the mesh you had selected when you went into edit mode.

Hit Z until the scene goes wireframe, select your object and go into edit mode, select all the vertices that belong as being a separate object, and hit P, click selected… now two objects.

On your logo, go into edit mode, extrude the bottom edge vertices a tiny amount, then separate them as above. Then you can neon that bit with halo. Works pretty good.

You can have some fun with it, if you lower the halo’s hardness to almost nothing, make the light levels low and turn on dithering /w random noise, etc… the “neon” becomes so diffuse it looks more like a texture on the surface below than tubing.