noob work

(renderken) #1

it is my first big work i do with blender

please help mi a bit with the things i could made beter

Greetz renderken

(d52477001) #2

hmmm that’s quite good but i would not leave those empty spaces where there are no walls. instead put in a sky and some more walls or something. makes it look much better.

(renderken) #3

thats is where i am working on

(renderken) #4


so it looks better[/img]

(renderken) #5


this one works

(shade#less) #6

do you have turned OSA on ?
if not go to the display buttons (F10) then click OSA (just below the RENDER button)
if you want you can turn the oversampling level higher (the 4 buttons below the OSA button) then it looks even more better but it takes more time to render !

(renderken) #7

i shall try
becouse my pc crashes sometimes :-?
by the rendering of the image

(Xampersand) #8

Nice work, especially the brick wall. If possible, I’d like to see a larger image, just to appreciate the detail. The floor looks a little odd. Is it supposed to be concrete, or gravel? It looks a little too uniform, methinks. Nice touch of putting the rust stains on the garage door. Again, nice work. Keep blending!

(Elsdon) #9

It is the making of an excellent image.

I agree about the ground.

Next step (forgive me if I am getting ahead of your plans) is atmosphere.
It appears to me to be a solitude spot want for human interaction. Accomplish this with lighting. (I know I am one to talk because my lighting usally sucks.) I see it as a alley with the sun blocked or filtered at best.

One last thing, perhaps model a light over the garage door.


(renderken) #10

i cant use OSA because my pc is not strong enough
how could i prevent this problem
by take an stronger gpu or a stronger cpu or both

(halibut) #11

Its comming along nicely,
The lightings starting to look great in the bottles3.jpg image!

How about some marks on the ground where the barrels have leaked slightly?
Also, the barrels look slightly too uniform, they look as though they havnt been placed randomly, but in more of a pattern. I think its because the three left-most barrels are in an almost straight line, perhaps just offsetting them slightly might make it look more natural :slight_smile:

And of course, it neads shadows from the light above the door! :slight_smile: but, your probably working on this already :smiley:

  • halibut