Noob x2

I started messing around with Blender a few years ago, but didn’t have the spare time to learn the program, and how to model, etc. Now I do have the time, and since I’m pretty burned out on most games decided to build my own! Yeah; big task, as I’m finding out! One of the things that really got me into gaming was multi-play games like BF 2 and Combat Arms: games with vehicles, I think, are the most fun–road kill!
(Yes, Combat Arms needs vehicles – just run over that guy with the aimbot!)
About 4 days ago I rediscovered the little red car and the vehicle wrapper, and immediately set out to get my new car running. Finally, I got it working. I think my first game will actually be a LAN game, or possibly an internet multi-player, with little or no AI built in. That should be more than enough of a goal for an old head like me.:yes:
I think I’m going to use an ice theme - a frozen planitoid with few props, but huge expanses of frozen lakes and shiny crystals. For that I’ll need some arctic characters and vehicles suited for the climes. Here is my car – it only has a quick texture thrown on it, as I am just learning to UV texture, and, unfortunately, I think the car may need to be rebuilt as it has way too many vertices for the kind of game I want to build. All in all, not bad for a few days’ work–and now that I have the wrapper working, I can start putting together an APC!
No questions? Of course!
Q: How do I make the car go really fast? I’ve been messing around with the Python settings, but have not been able to get it to go any faster!
Well, almost time for dinner - thanks to everyone at Blender for the fine program you have created - all for free, and to all of you who frequent the forums to encourage, enlighten, and generally ribald hopefull old curmudgeons like me!
See u soon - or, as I like to tell my friends online - kill ya later!
(I hope I uploaded the pics correctly - I really am a relic!)


I’m rather new to the Game Engine too but I think if you scale down the size of your world, therefore keeping the scale the same, you will be able to make your vehicle go “faster” relative to it’s size and environment. Also, I read your other thread that was unanswered, I’m not sure if you figured your problem out there but in case you didn’t you can do the acceleration thing you wanted to do very easily with a servo controller actuator as opposed to a simple motion one.

The better way is to adjust the gas setting. If you’re using Cthames’ demo (which it sounds like you are), just adjust the Power() method in Adjust the gasPower and the reversePower.

Thanks for your advice. Actually, I thought the scaling was a big issue at first, but the script doesn’t seem to notice! (As long as the dimensions are in tune with everything else - tire radius, ect.) I think what I really need to do is pull out those Pyton tutorials!
(No, not more tutorials!)
Yes, I believe it is Cthames - it must be one of the most well known pieces of work in the Blender community!

Thats looking really really cool, keep going.

Yeah. I should have posted the vehicle wrapper site.

Thanks again!