noob yafray questions

Greetin’s, all.
I just made a simple “still-life with lamp” render with yafray, and I get two problems:

  1. There are a couple small, square holes in the models, in locations that have nothing to do with anything I can detect, though they appear in the same place in every render. The holes don’t appear in the blender internal render. Its like someone took a square hole-punch to my lampshade, picture frame, and lamp base.
  2. My wood texture in one case appears with ugly black lines. Yes, the object in question was subsurf’d, but I recalc’d the normals, and then “unsubsurfed” after the render just wouldn’t turn out right - still get the black lines. (Again, it looks great in blender internal.)

you should place this topic in Blender general

I’ve attached some images to clarify the issue I’m having with yafray.

This one is the standard internal render:

This one is the yafray (note the notch out of the lampshade and the dark lines in the wood material):

This is a closeup, showing the odd texture thing going on:

And yes, I’ve done my best searching the forum site, with no luck. (Trying to be a good forum user here… :slight_smile: )