hey all, im completely new to this and pretty much new to programming as last thing i did - iv forgotten!
so basically, i was just wandering if you guys could give me a taster i suppose of what blender can be used for, how i can learn to use it etc, iv always had an interest in animation so id like to get up and running but to be completely honest for me atm, it seems impossible as i don’t know anything about the programme!
so please help,
cheers, am3

  • View the “Features & Gallery” to see what’s Blender capable of
  • View the “Education & Help” section to learn how to use Blender
  • View the “e-Shop” page to buy a copy of Big Buck Bunny, which shows you even more what’s Blender capable of in the right hands

You don’t have to program at all, no worries! Hope that helps.

Buy the DVD of Big Buck Bunny and while you are waiting watch it on vimeo at
This pretty much shows you what Blender is capable of.

But the best advice I can give you: Download, Install and Play with it. It only costs you a bit of your time and nothing else. (

thanks for the replies-
does the big buck bunny video just show me a video? or does it help me to learn how to use it-
and i also saw something called The Mancandy FAQ is this useful too?

If you are interested in learning Blender, Mancandy and BBB will probably not help too much. They are demonstrations of what Blender is capable of, and are quite advanced and have techniques that are close to incomprehensible for someone coming in at them cold.

The best starting point I have found is Introduction to Character Animation. It is designed for beginners, and will walk you through most of Blenders capabilities. Welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley:

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