Noobest question ever (but answer plz)

gets ready to get bricked
How can I use images as textures in blender 2.47?
All of the other tutorials told me to use F6 and there I could load the pic. But they’re all of other versions, as in mine you have to make a texture by changing values… (and BTW, I can’t make that apply to the model, I managed to do it once, but it was by accident and it affected all of my model).
Looks like that panel was moved or something… the rest I know. But I just can’t find the correct panel.

Anyone care to answer?

the you load the image that’s all


HOW can you load the image???

your at the right place, but when you select the texture type go down to the buttom and select image.

Hmmm I didn’t see “image”. i’ll look for it. If I find it, I’m bloody stupid. If not, I’m still stupid xS
No, there’s only Mat, World, lamp, Brush, and Alpha. Also default va.

crap I just found it (wait, is it a good thing or a bad thing?)

Heh…At least you won’t forget it !