Noobi World Texture question

(ricks) #1

I’ve recently started working with blender, and was trying out the world material/texture but am having a small problem, when I render the scene (all it is is a plain with noise) with the world texture enabled, all it renders is the world texture, not the plain, when I remove the texture it renders the plain fine. Any Ideas?


(mthoenes) #2

Can you post your Blend file somewhere?

(ricks) #3

Strange, I didn’t save the one i was working with, I was just playing around with the world textures. I went to recreate the problem, but could not. Thanks anyway.


(VelikM) #4

Select the Camera, in the Edit buttons window click the ShowMist button. In the World buttons set the ‘Sta 0.00’ Start and the ‘Di 0.00’ Distance sliders, by selecting the ShowMist button for the camera you can see where the Mist will start and end. Set the Start to somewhere in the mid range for your plane and the Distance to what ever is convient for you. Then adjust it until you have the effect you want.