Noobie Blender question (coming from 3DS Max) - how to create a Rectangle Curve?

I’m used to 3DS Max and am learning Blender, which I’m enjoying.

In 3DS Max I use splines a lot, so am looking at Blender’s Curves.

Blender only has a Bezier and a Circle. Meanwhile 3DS Max has Rectangle, Arc, Ellipse etc etc etc.

So… I’m looking how to create some of those primitive splines. Please can someone help me ?

Also, once I’ve created my Curve, which modifier commands should I look at to do the 3DS Max equivalents of Lathe, Sweep, Extrude ?

I’m loving Blender and finding it very comfortable, just need to get more and more acquainted :slight_smile:

Many thanks for any help (I’ve done the usual Google, YouTube searches).


Enable the ‘add curve: extra objects’ add-on that comes with Blender, that will give you all kinds of curves.


From a circle, you just have to change Handled Type of Control Points to Vector to obtain a square.
And you just have to scale it to obtain a rectangle.

Look at Bevel subpanel of Geometry panel in Object Data Properties tab of Curve object.
Look at Screw modifier and Bevel modifier.

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I think people are talking about profile whereas you are referring to the spline shape itself.

There are ways to make sharper primitives. Maybe there is an addon or something. But you can also pres V in edit mode to change a curve point to vector.

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Thank you all guys very much - I appreciate all this help and will take a look - I do have Notifications set to on but I didn’t receive any. Are the forum moderators aware of this glitch ? (or maybe I’m doing something wrong !).

Once again, thank you!

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No problem. I was curious as well. There are also more curve options you might be interested in.

This is the normal Menu:


Here is with this enabled, maybe what you are looking for actually.

All of this is true, but note that setting the bevel resolution to 1 and tilting your curve’s control points 45 degrees gets you the same result without external bevel curves!

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Nice tip, I am sure that comes in handy.

But I am pretty sure the OP was looking for a curve shape not a profile shape.

Primitive profile shapes on a curve.

Primitive curve shapes with a variety of profiles.