noobie needs help with materials

Hi There Everyone

I am a total novice to Blender and CG, but I am very keen to learn (so much so that I bought the blender book from my local bookstore - I was very surprised they stocked it!).

I am trying to make a little animation based on Fingathing’s album Time Capsule. It initially consists of two pills.

If you look at the picture, you can see that I’ve kinda gotten there, however, there is clearly something wrong with the materials I have created. Because allthough the back pill is just a duplicate of the front pill, the front pill is not nice and white at one end, whilst the back pill is. By the way, I want the cool cartoony look at the mo. I got it just by playing, this is probobly where the problem is.

Here is a link to the blend file so you can investigate:

If anyone can help and tell me what is going wrong, that’d be fab.

Secondly, I want to add a jpeg/bmp image of a face to the top side of the two white ends of the pills, so they look like this:

How do I go about doing that, when ever I try to add a jpeg as a material, it plasters it all over the whole object…

Any help would be realy appreciated.


OK, here it goes … :wink:

  1. You have two objects at the same place. The overlapping faces produce the artifacts. Simply move the “tube” away.
  2. You really use a lot of vertices for your pills, nothing wrong with that in the first place, but if you want to use more complicated objects, …
    => use subdivision surfaces.
  3. If the pills are your main characters, you should use UV-Mapping.

Ha! So simple!

Cheers mate. I did manage to use subsurf - but I applied it already to the model! Whoops…

Why should I use UV-Mapping, what does that do?

Thanks for your reply btw.


and search fors a tut on decals, which is what u want to put on the pills.