Noobie problem w/ subsurf


Ive been using blender and 3D modeling at large for about a week now. Im having a bit of difficulty with the subsurfing function. For practice Im modeling various pieces of furniture in my living room. My floor-lamp has brought up a problem.

I want to subsurf the the object, but as you can see in the image when I do this it messes up the overall design. I would like the long cylinder to hit the base at 90* like it does in the right most image.

Ive been thinking that the best way to do that would be to make each of the 3 sections: the base, long stalk, and the upper lamp, their own objects.

However, I dont know how to do that. In addition if there is an easier way to do what I am asking I am open to that suggestion as well. I made the object from a single plane and then spun it around the z-axis with 12 steps, not sure if that info helps or not.

Thanks in advance,


There’s an easier way to do it. Just put another edge at the bottom of the long pole. Use the loop cut tool [Ctrl+r] to make a new set of vertices across the pole, then grab them and move them down. You can get the angle at the base as sharp as you want it to be.

Very simple and quick method:
Add an edge split modifier to the stack. It will do automatically what you’ve mentioned above.
Also: WELCOME TO BLENDER :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Hope you have lots of fun using it.

I recomend you to download the video tutorials from They’re kick ass. Just snoop around, there are lots of video tuts to make life for Noobs easy.

Thanks both of you for your help. I will definitely check out that site as well.

In addition to trying the methods the two of you suggested, I stumbled across the [p] key while browsing the web.

Thank you both for your time,


Or select the edge you want to keep true to the mesh, and press um… I think it’s Shift E to select edge strength - then drag over to the left to tell the modifier to stay close the the edge.