Noobie query - realistic gravity script doesn't work

Hi all,

I am using the Blender v2.68 and have tried to replicate the tutorial as presented at However, after instructions at timestamp 5.50, the object no longer moves when I press “P”. Is there an extra step I need to take due to changes in versions?

Thanx in advance,


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Posting your blend file would help.

I did a planetary gravity tutorial, some time ago:

Maybe that will help.

Hi Goran,

I tried your method and I’m afraid it’s a little too complicated for me at this stage. Thank you tho for the option.

Als thanks to Auuman Anubis - I actually followed every step-by-step instruction in the youtube video tutorial and while the object moved when i press “P” the first time as instructed at the 3min stage, it didn’t work the second time - hence me wondering of there are some additional steps to consider due to version differences. I have repeated the whole process from start - including shutting down blender & PC - over 10 times now with the same pattern as explained. Pls help as the first youtube video offers exactly the platform for what I’m trying to do - a moon that eventually disintegrates and forms an asteroid cloud around the planet.

Thanx in advance all,


I have to dissect your file to see where you might have gone wrong.
Try making a new file just for this tutorial, and if it doesn’t work still then upload your blend file so we can take a look.