Noobie question for GUI

How can i create a GUI in game?

I have a third person view for my character, and i want something to be seen on screen like:

  1. Buttons
  2. Pictures for a Designed GUI

How is this done?
thanks guys,

Add an overlay scene that has buttons,pictures etc. You’ll probably want some python in order to send information between teh scenes though.

EDIT: Also, a how to question like this belongs in Support and Discussion, not resources. (Resources is where people put what they have done and are allowing others to use)

you don’t even need python. you can use message actuators and sensors to do it.

yea the message actuators work quite well. i made a brick breaker type game that uses this as its core means for calculating score, it allows objects to “talk to each other” or exchange information. it is confusing at first but like i said it works!

Ohw, so is there a tutorial for such option? :slight_smile:

Another Question:
Can anyone point me to a tutorial where I can have an animated human walk on a plane? He has a walking animation with bones in it. Thanks a Bunch :slight_smile: