Noobie Question: merge faces?

Hi All,

I am new in here…
I am from Germany and try to activate my best english, but please excuse if its not… :wink:

Just started with modeling in Blender and it is getting better each day, this is the first time for me asking in forum.

but now, I am stucking and can not move on.

I have two meshes and want to move/animate the top one, but the faces are not merged, so every time I move the upper one, it moves out of the lower one.

I want to join/merge the two meshes, so that the face of the lower one deforms if I rotate the upper mesh.

I think it is not possible to select the two faces and merge them like vertices (alt-m)?

Thank you so far…

this is an example:

Use the boolean modifier to join two objects. If the original is a single object you can separate each part first to two objects

really fast answer including individual visualization…

Thats the solution…

I even tried with boolean but couldnt go on because I did not have “separated objects”

Thank you very very much…

Bridging edge loops could be effective here as well. I use this method a lot for gluing meshes together in a fast and clean way.

To Bridge Edge Loops:
-Select the bottom face of the upper mesh, and the upper face of the lower cube.
-If you want to ‘align’ these faces, hit s -> z -> 0
-To ‘merge’ them, hit w and select Bridge Edge Loops. This will delete the faces, and replace them with a loop of faces connecting the two meshes.

Bridging is especially handy in Blender 2.7, as it now bridges edge loops even if they have a different number of sides. Before, if you had one edge loop that had 16 edges, the loop you were bridging to had to have 16 edges as well. This is no longer the case. You can bridge a 64-edge circle to a 3-edge triangle now if you like!

Richard’s solution should work just fine for what you’re doing here, but this is an alternative that takes a few less steps to accomplish the same thing (no need to separate meshes into separate objects, set up modifiers, apply them, clean up faces, blah blah blah.)