Noobie Question - texture not displays in viewport


Should a normal .jpg texture on a plain cube display in the textured view?:frowning:

At least as I am used from maya and 3ds it should be, but I never saw any texture in the viewport in blender till now.

I bought the paper-book from but I couldn’t find any answer

don’t kill me for that question - please!:o
I am a absolut blender noob, but not a computer rookie and I would really like to see a texture in my viewport :rolleyes:

I searched the complete web and the forum for any hint, but I couldn’t find any.

(PS.: using nvidia 5700mobile and ATIFireGL8800)

Nope, procedural textures won’t show up in the viewport/ texture view unless your mesh is HIGHLY subdivided. However you can view UV-mapped textures if you go into textured view and turn on TexFace for the material.

In the active window you wish to see your texture test, try pressing view, render preview then move the funny little window around to see your textured model on the fly. Great if you don’t want to test render every mod.

Thank you very much, the “hint” with the texface helped a lot and also the render preview did work for me to get a little further.