noobie sekking help

For the past 5 or 6 yrs now i’ve been really interested in 3d animations and wanting to learn myself…up until recently i had a computer with windows 98 on it and now have a hp with widows vista…I ran across blender on the net and was very excited to see a free program with so much diversity in it that i thought this would be a good start. I downloaded and bought the book essential blender and have been working through it. I am kinda a more visual learner than reader and do…was wondering if anyone knows of just simple tutorials to learn to create objects example…something like frying pan or simple bird to get use to learning what does what…forgive me if i sound a lil confused…i am!!! any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you Russell

theres a video tutorial sticky in the tutorial section of this forum.
I hope that helps

I do’nt know how to find artist(s) who would actually manufacture 1 t0 8 inches part-organs in silicon , latex or flexible plastic from views taken from photos or paper rendering from anatomical artists. This will greatly assist me in sculpting in blender. HELP!!!