Noobie style sword xD

Well, Didn’t know where to post… I am still a big noob on blender…
I got inspired by Final Fantasy the movie. I like big swords, so I made one myself. It isn’t finished yet, still need to do the eviourment, and place the sword somewhere, or make some one hold it.

I added a fake bloom effect using nodes, the handle texture is a plugin, nothing impressive though. :spin:

I was wondering if you could give me some ideas…

here is the link to the image

WOW I really like it what is the material from behind?

Thx! xD

Only a simple wood texture plugin, with colours added… the fake bloom effect makes it look nicer ^.^

I have added some more magic stuff on the table. :ba:
here is the link to the pic… tell me what ya think xD