Noobish problem with DoF.

Hey, sorry for the really noob question, but how do you get Depth of Field to work? I’ve done it before, and it worked, but now I can’t figure out how to get it to work. I put a screenshot of my node setup, in case that will help. Thanks! Hope to see some answers soon.


Are you not using the zbuffer? (includes DoF example blend)


Thank you! That makes so much more sense now.

There’s another way to do it… or fake it.
It’s a little bit more complicated but works well for me.


Also if you go into the Editing Panel for the Camera you should change the Dof Dist from 0.00 to whatever seems right, and it is a good idea to activate Show: Limits, the Dof will show as a plus/cross sign.
The first image is with a Dof Dist: 21, while the second image is with the Dof Dist at the default of null.