noobish question->adding texture for only a part of a mesh

Hi all.
I’m pretty new to 3d modeling and blender, and I’m trying to make a very basic space ship.
I took a cylinder and tweaked it quite a bit and got a single mesh that looks close to what i want.

my problems comes in here:
i want to texture only 3 faces of the whole ship to look like a window, for this i’ve UV mapped 'em and painted a simple texture, but i can’t see the texture rendered.
when i try to add it as a texture in the material tab, the texture is applied to the whole object. how can i limit the texture to those 3 faces?

thanks :slight_smile:

2nd problem:
i’d like the window to reflect the environment a little, but again, if i try tweaking with the “ray mirror” settings on the material tab, again, it affects the whole ship… :frowning:

go to edit mode select those faces and then click “new” where it says material, and then click “assign” to apply those faces a new material.

the thing is…
Where is that assign button?
btw, if it makers any difference, i’m using 2.49

this is what i did:
i selected the faces, pressed F5 clicked “add new”… and then what?

Let’s say you have a mesh and you want 2 materials on it. Do this:

In edit mode.
Press F9.
Under Link and Material (to the right in that tab - not vertex groups) click ‘new’ to add a new material to the object - do this so you have 2 materials.
Select a face and click the assign button (still under Links and Materials).
Then choose the other material index (use the small left and right arrows) select another face and click assign again.

Ok it works :slight_smile:
thanks a lot!

another way would be to select all faces except the ones you use. With those selected go to the image/UV editor -> press S then 0 to scale them to a single point and place this point in some unused corner. This way, all other faces get 1 color (the one beneath the single dot) and your used faces still get the painted texture. (i assume you only use 1 uv map).
not that the new material way wouldn’t work…it’s just another route.