Noobish UV mapping REMAPPING question

Hi All
Im attempting to do something which is either very easy and I should not need to ask, or impossible!
I’ve got a face mesh generated using 123DCatch with a texture - imported the obj, mtl and jpg to blender - all works fine
The texture is uv mapped in an odd way by the app - looks like the seams and cuts are in odd positions. That is, they are not arranged in the classic head uv map where you can define the seams along the top of the head to the back of the neck, and across the brow
I’d really like to ‘re-map’ the texture so that it follows the more standard pattern as described above - this will make ammendments to the texture and preparations for normal, bump, specular mapping much easier
Is there a way to remap the exiting uv to another one I will define from my head mesh? I think it may involve projection painting, but I want to avoid this as the existing map texture is a very good fit. I just want the same texture per face arranged in a bespoke manner (by adding my own seams etc)

Does anyone have any idea of how to do this?
I can supply the blend file later today if it will make my question easier to understand

Thanks for any help

Create another UV map and use theRender / Bake options to bake the texture from the first uv map to a new texture that uses the second uv map.

Thanks Richard - I’ll give that a try tonight

Thanks again Richard -= that worked out great - although its a bit fiddly, I didnt realise at first how important the order of steps taken is. But I got there in the end! Now I have a ‘proper’ texture for my head with workable uv sizing

Thanks for your help