Noob's first design

Hi everyone,

I’ve been running through the tutorials for a day or two now and this is my first proper design out on my own. It’s the beginnings of an animation I have in mind, which will also require me modelling a butterfly, which I don’t think should be too hard. Please tell me what you think, be as critical as you like, I don’t mind!
Thanks in advance,


i see you have descovered some of the great features blender has, (like subsurf) one tip would be, turn on ambient occlusion (under the world tab of materials) that will smooth off the shaddow,

for a butterfly your easyest method would probly be a simple plane turned thin oblong with 4 “wing” parts coming out subsurfed!

overall, id say a brilliant start!!


My advice: If you’ve only been playing with blender for a few days stick to still images. Animations will only discourage you.

Your probably right, I don’t want to get ahead of myself… thanks for the pointers!

Nice atmosphere . . .