noobs first work space ship

I am a new and this is my first design and work like tips and critisism its a space ship.


space ships generally dont have fans… as theres no air in space… now if this is a planetary / space vehicle it makes sence…

start with the body of the ship befiore adding details

Oh then its a air vehicle for planets.

Here is a update on the ship.


Small update added windshield and spoiler


looks pretty goo

I would set smooth on the “engines” and add some smaller details

this is your first project? its much better than my first… lol

great job!

smoothed ok i really suck on texturing and bumb maps and everything does anybody know how to do that stuff to help me and how do you add small detials like little seams.


make textures im gimp or photoshop and you can convert that to a normalmap…

but the model you have there is very smooth… i dont think that a bump map would look good on it…

play with the materials options… i think that would look good red and reflective… but thats just me…

experiment and youll do well… if you need help ill try to talk you through it… tho im not the best at it either

well i want to add some rust effects and rust is usually bumpy and do you know how to uv thingy i have no clue and do you know how i can get little lines or seams to make it look more cooler and detailed.

Neat design , I like it :smiley:

UV Mapping is something that’s not really easy to explain in a post. There are tutorials all over the place for it, tho… check the texturing section of the forums here, i;m sure there’s sticky’s that have links to tutorials. As far as Adding the little details like seams and stuff, there’s generally 2 ways to do it: Modeling them directly in there (a pain in the ass, but it looks sweet) or using a normal map (a LOT easier and looks just about as good most of teh time). Before you do that you’ll have to learn the UV mapping, cause the normal map is just a 2d layer that affects the way light interacts with the surface of the model. Actually, for rust and stuff you’ll need a normal or bump map and a specular map (cause rust is ususally a lot less shiny than smooth metal). Google for “Blender UV Unwrapping” or something. UV mapping can sometimes be a pain sometimes, but it’s worth it to learn it.

Thanks for the tip

Pod Racer?
Nice model.

here is a update on the ship will add more soon.


I like it, (shameless self promotion) looks a bit like my old racing thingy

Keep it up, and dont get into a physics argument,


its a concept, you can do what you want!

that looks sick

Its realy not that special,

its all in the settings,

Switch on ambient occlusion,

i used halo’s for lights, so if you do lights that may be a cool effect,

have a slightly larger Fresnel on your ray mirrors,

Finally done


yay red and shiney!

the bump looks a little odd over the nose

Looks cool, but i wouldnt say finished, i think you should work on a background, because (i know it seems stupid, and at first i thaught, oh why) it really does improve the overall look,

maby a garage, or a waistland, make it stand out!