noob's toybox

I am new to Blender and want to build a toybox with wheels like the one in the sketch.
I started with a cube - that was easy, the dice tutorial helped a lot. Next I’ll do scantlings to put under the box and wheels to stick on their ends.

Is it a good way of going about it so far?

Well, it’s just a box. Nothing to crit, nothig to wow with :slight_smile:
Keep it up and we’ll see.
Welcome to the BlenderArtists!

Today I added wheels and scantlings. It was much easier than I expected it to be! :smiley:
I struggled most with aligning things. How can I, when I select two objects, align their centers? I found no option and moved them on the grid that was tedious…
Next I’ll make knobs to pull it and tiny metal knobs for the axes.

I’m wondering that thing too, but I have always myself aligned all manually.

Your picture is pretty good for a start. You might want to add more lights.

Keep it up and have fun time with blender. It is usually pretty fun! :slight_smile:

Shift-S gives you some “snapping” options, one of which gives you the option to snap the object to the grid. u could align it this way, or

Middle Mouse Button (MMB) when you are moving things keeps them along a single axis. u can use this for rotating and scaling too.

so to keep them aligned, make one wheel, Shift-D + MMB + Ctrl (keeps it in grid increments) + LMB to set.
then duplicate again and use the same principle in the other axis, and they will be aligned.

Hey pixelstuff, your model looks pretty good so far but the wheels could be smoothed. Just go into the mesh panel and click setsmooth under the materials.