noob's work

hey guys, im going to consider this finished, i know it could use some work but im sick of it. here’s the link

c&c plz

it’s a cool idea, but i think you should play around with the materials some more.

i would if there were any in there…lol its just halo’s but i guess i could change the halo’s and put a texture in there…ok i guess ill do that

ok well i put a bit of a texture on alot of it, but i dont think i want to change the halo’s any. so i done now…no more revising or anything…(knowing me, i will be doing more of that) o well…

actually I have seen worse images.
I like it… It has some space-atmosphere in it

Thats not bad for a “noob” picture. :smiley:

oh, thx. but i still consider myself a stupid old noob,lol. that image only took about 10 minuets to put to gether anywho. i just got sick of it real fast

10 minutes? Something like that for me would take at least half an hour… But, then again, I’m slow…

yeah, ten min. i was trying to put something together as fast as i could, and it didnt end up very well, but i think its ok for ten min.