Nooby troubles

Hellow Blender community

My name is Kyoat and i am new to blender …very new …and im having some difficulty setting up ! in this tutorial ( ) at 14:24 the narrator changes material settings from diffuse to emission my blender doesn’t seam to give me that option ? its set on diffuse and i have been thwarted in my attempts to change it , all so in the tutorial beside the material settings header the narrators blender has detected ( cycles ) mine remains blank ! then when he moves to import image the planet file is there right below the lamp, mine remains blank, what am i doing incorrectly ! is there another tutorial that will shed light on my darkness ?? if your asking why Kyoat why are you trying to change from diffuse to emission my answer is i don,t know lol :eyebrowlift:

This is a Python support forum, which means for questions related to Blender Python. So you asking in the wrong forum.