Noodle [Updated*nov21]

(Zenitor) #1

Noodle from Gorrilaz, this will be my animation play thing for shape and amature, once I figure them out :slight_smile:
using the new hair guides,

(code_astro) #2

blimey, the hair looks great! is that in 2.40?

(BumGravy) #3

kickass, you should show that to daman albarn :smiley:

(Khnum) #4

That’s got to be some of the best hair I’ve seen yet! Great job, At first I thought it was Beast Boy from Teen Titans till I red the post :slight_smile: Looks just like the videos good job! :slight_smile:

(Grape Ape) #5

No way!

I was on te net a couple of days ago looking for some good reference material of noodle so I could do her.

Oh well! Thats life!

Now that I’m looking at your model I’m glad I decided no to do it, cause mine would have been terrible.

Good luke, I can’t wait to see more. :smiley:

(Zenitor) #6

(Zenitor) #7
getting there, strangly enough I’ve never done hands… arghhh…

Grape Ape: do it anyway, or maybe 2d, there seems to be better ref images of him about, here is a good fan sight… (very interesting author)

code_astro:particles in 2.40alpha2 latest cvs from test forums

(womball) #8

Looking good! Is this the alpha version of blender your using? I can’t seam to get curves guides to work.

That should apply in blender too.

(Zenitor) #9

womball: the test build from 17-11-2005, yeah the previous builds didn’t seem to work. An idea could be to weight paint the mesh … ie red area (with gradual fall off) and place your guide(curve) starting in the middle so it’s easier to see and less conflict between guides, good for spikes/ dreadlocks etc :slight_smile:

one end of the guide is the start point to be placed close to particle emiter mesh, “w key” to flip ends… I had the first guide backwards and couldn’t figure it out for ages :slight_smile:

cheers, nice tut there, fits the style nicely too :slight_smile:

(womball) #10

Thank ya. I thought it looked nice and to the point. They have a really nice gum tutorial there, which I will use when I get my teeth cast from home. That will really help with modeling the teeth. THis hair still is a little complicated, its going to take me awhile to figure out how to “paint” hair and do my desheveled hair justice.

(HellBok) #11

big foots ehn…i like that stile of toon.
keep that one
wow i´ve been awille out of here and i didn´t knew that exists a new version, im still using 2.39

(Zenitor) #12

just an update on the boots etc

(Grape Ape) #13

I like how this is comming along. Some good detailing in there too.

(Zenitor) #14

just waiting for the hands to magically model themselves :slight_smile: little wire play