Noodle [Updated*nov21]

Noodle from Gorrilaz, this will be my animation play thing for shape and amature, once I figure them out :slight_smile:
using the new hair guides,

blimey, the hair looks great! is that in 2.40?

kickass, you should show that to daman albarn :smiley:

That’s got to be some of the best hair I’ve seen yet! Great job, At first I thought it was Beast Boy from Teen Titans till I red the post :slight_smile: Looks just like the videos good job! :slight_smile:

No way!

I was on te net a couple of days ago looking for some good reference material of noodle so I could do her.

Oh well! Thats life!

Now that I’m looking at your model I’m glad I decided no to do it, cause mine would have been terrible.

Good luke, I can’t wait to see more. :smiley:
getting there, strangly enough I’ve never done hands… arghhh…

Grape Ape: do it anyway, or maybe 2d, there seems to be better ref images of him about, here is a good fan sight… (very interesting author)

code_astro:particles in 2.40alpha2 latest cvs from test forums

Looking good! Is this the alpha version of blender your using? I can’t seam to get curves guides to work.

That should apply in blender too.

womball: the test build from 17-11-2005, yeah the previous builds didn’t seem to work. An idea could be to weight paint the mesh … ie red area (with gradual fall off) and place your guide(curve) starting in the middle so it’s easier to see and less conflict between guides, good for spikes/ dreadlocks etc :slight_smile:

one end of the guide is the start point to be placed close to particle emiter mesh, “w key” to flip ends… I had the first guide backwards and couldn’t figure it out for ages :slight_smile:

cheers, nice tut there, fits the style nicely too :slight_smile:

Thank ya. I thought it looked nice and to the point. They have a really nice gum tutorial there, which I will use when I get my teeth cast from home. That will really help with modeling the teeth. THis hair still is a little complicated, its going to take me awhile to figure out how to “paint” hair and do my desheveled hair justice.

big foots ehn…i like that stile of toon.
keep that one
wow i´ve been awille out of here and i didn´t knew that exists a new version, im still using 2.39

just an update on the boots etc

I like how this is comming along. Some good detailing in there too.

just waiting for the hands to magically model themselves :slight_smile: little wire play