If you comply with naming conventions you can do this:

classes = [module for name, module in locals().items() if name.startswith("SHORT")]

Ha! Yes, forgot we can do that
I’m usually working with much bigger multi-module addon so i took the habit of writing them directly i guess

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Wow, looks very useful :slight_smile:


Super Cool

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Very Very Very useful!

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Just Created a “Select Dependency” plugin:
Very useful !


Once my Scatter5 plugin is finally released I’ll try to regroup all my free stuff on gumroad or something. for the time being here is the script: (12.8 KB)


love your ascii comment
also your “support” : “COMMUNITY”

Thank you a lot!! super super handy!!

Super Cool x2

Say hello to Noodler, updated the first post :slight_smile:


Helllooo Noodler!

Have been looking for a way to switch between different materials or other node setups without having to drag around to “reframe”, so looks like the favorites is gonna help me out with that, or maybe an idea would be an option to “remember last “framing”” of a node setup. Looking forward to taking this for a real spin soon. Thanks

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Thanks man! Very useful stuff :+1:

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this needs to be default.

Noodler is fantastic! I love it, but is there a way to remove these arrows, please? Could we have an option to have the regular (no arrow) connections?

Those arrows are normal Blender behavior. They appear on any links that aren’t directly connected to a node.

Yes, I’ve noticed, after 5 years of using Blender. This is the intended behavior. However everyone out there recording videos, and posting images: you never see those arrows, because they divide the lines, and a reroute appears. Which means it is possible to not necessarily have them displayed on reroutes, hence my question.

Can you show an example of this?

like this? - No arrows. I’ve seen 5 years of blender videos, and even I didn’t know about the arrows.

…there are 10 of those arrow in the screenshot. If you’re referring to the linked reroute nodes on the right, those don’t have arrows because each link has a node connected to it directly much like I said.

It’s likely you’ve never noticed the arrows because a lot of people don’t chain reroutes due to the curve interpolation of links making it unnecessary.

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Should we tell Stephen?