Noodles already: Jungletroll revisited. (heavy!)

Still just playing around with the new “noodles” in the up´n´coming 2.41/42

Unfortunately the shadows affect the rgb-curves so it becomes lighter
rather than darker so no shadow on the body itself. But it´ll do for now.

woow it looks nice! :smiley:

Looks amazing… nothing else to say

looks sharp except … (don’t know IF) … maybe lowering translucency on skin or whatever is causing the effect.

Thanks guys,

Just one of my older characters that got a little particle & noodle testing

Excelent, noddles really rocks, cant wait to put my hands on it! :smiley:

lol thats awesome, thats all i have to say :smiley:

:o He is possibly the coolest guy I have ever met


Again - thanks guys for all the praise, makes me all warm´n´fuzzy,
bonus…added some extra poses in the first post.

Hey JoOngle, you are a Maya user right? So why do you need to play around with noodles? Or does noodles have certain capabilities that Maya don’t have?

By the way, I seen that ton let a picture of a translucent Suzanne where you can find the noodles screenshots.

Anyway, you character looks cool, the colour has a Pixar feel to it.

Lovely and so sympatic !

Thanks guys :expressionless: :slight_smile:

toontje - no …I´m strictly a Blender user. :smiley:

I do however come from 5 years with 3dstudio max… but that was at
least 3 years ago. But I sold my license because I used Blender
more than Max …and since Max crashed all the time while Blender didnt.

That’s really good! Kinda reminds me of Tak from that game… Tak :smiley:

Could you post a screen of the nodes for the skin material, it would be cool.

– Rui –

It’s right here in the new feature test