Noodles and colorramps and their dependencies

Hi, with the newest CVS snapshot of blender I am experimenting with the material nodes feature. With the “old” mateiral there were colorramps for color and spec. They several different “input” dependencies like shader,energy,normal and result and they had mixing options like mix,add,subtract,multiply and others. How can I acchieve the same features with the new material nodes? Currently – and I hope I am wrong here – they are more limited ?! Thank you very much for any help in advance ! mcc

I think you will find the best information here:

Hi I didn’t find an answer to my question there. The only thing I found according color ramps is: Color Ramp This Node converts a value to a RGB color and Alpha using a Ramp. The ramp editing works like for the regular ramps in the Blender UI (CTRL+click to add new key positions). Where can I find an answer to my question ? Kind regards, mcc