Noodles - Share & Learn Blender Node Setups

After looking around for some time, I couldn’t find a site dedicated to sharing Blender Node Setups.

I asked the Blender Community on Google if they’ll be interested in a site of that sort

After getting positive responses, I went ahead to work on Noodles

Currently taking feedback from users, though I’ve got few additions to make.

I hope you also find it useful. Thanks

Great idea!

I didn’t see a download button for any of the node setups. I’m assuming you have to register first?

Something that might be useful, but tricky, would be a node-viewer - to export the nodes to some open format (JSON, XML) and display an interactive (pan, zoom) node viewer.

[email protected]!

I may have got the wrong end of the stick - but I assumed the site was designed so you can copy the node setups - rather than simply downloading them (hence the “share and learn” tagline).

Whats so bad about using blendswap for exchanging node groups?

A addon that allowed you to browse categories that were moderated and added to constantly would be brutaly powerful.

also, a export to addon button for eval would be cool.

Probably nothing - but I have found you learn more about the material if you have to build it yourself, than if you simply download and use it.

I believe the aim of the site isn’t only to share materials - but also act as an aid to learning how to build them too - hence why it appears to have no download facility.

Sorry guys for replying late. Been busy with the site forgot to come back and check.

Well, basically, the noodles website is designed to let blender heads learn how to create the Node setups more than giving them the finished results to use.

Blend swap, from my little experience is more of, “Hello dude, see what I did with SSS in creating photorealistic skin using sintel. You may used the finished result in your scene.”

Noodles is more of: “Hey dude, see how to create a photorealistic skin using this node setup.” Blendswaps, from the little I know, isn’t designed to be a teaching aid, but rather a repository of projects files from generous blender heads.

Noodles want to help make creating Node setups easier as the maker of the node can post steps involved in the creating of the resulting Node, for anyone interested to learn.

The link to download the node isn’t made huge on the page as the primary focus is to let the viewer follow along the creating of the node setup right and there in the browser. The .zip of the Node setup attached will just be a fallback, in case one is lazy to follow the steps or perhaps sending off to someone to use as reference or for any other reasons the source file might be needed.

The primary focus is learning to create the node, so the How to Create a Vignette effect on the noodle site is a typical example of the vision behind the site.

Tutorials on Nodes are kinda found in all sort of corners on the web. I think itll be nice if all of them could be under one umbrella, easy to follow and learn from.

You mean a feature on the site where you could see all categories and learn what node setups are shared under them? Yeah, such categories will be great. Since all the nodes shared belong to a category, its just a matter of adding link to the category page and taking it from there. That shouldn’t be an issue.

To eval? No idea what that is, but I’ve heard of the nodeTojson thing. Looking into it. Will make life easier for many too.

Blend swap helps in exchanging Node groups and setups, but I think it doesn’t necessarily teach you how to. Blend swap gives you nodes that you can kinda Plug and Play in your scene without having to worry what’s happening under the hood.

Noodles want you to know HOW to create what’s under the hood, so that you could make most Node setups yourself.

I hope there’s a difference between Blend swap and Noodles in this regard

Watching someone make node setups,I’m amazed. Learning from watching how to make node setups and doing theme myself I understand.:yes:

Hm yes. Good point.

I actually really like the idea for tuts focused on how to make certain textures / node setups.

I would not mind offering the finale result as well but more have a doc in what was done and why to get a specific result.

This might be better than posting all shaders in the forums here where you have to hunt them down.

Can’t wait to see more node setups shared.

wow :slight_smile: thanks…very useful
i will learn lot of new things…