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Hello, I just released my first Addon.
The addon allows you to visually store 2D curves profiles in a library.
It is free, though there is a paid option to have early access to the new features.
Let’s be clear, the features will be available in the free version. This is only to encourage the developpement :slight_smile:

Gumroad page

Please report any bug you may find, as i’m the only tester at the current time, there are a lot of system dependent things that may appear.

Upcoming Features:

  • Re-render category thumbnails
  • Re-render library thumbnails
  • Additionnal render colors - Done (Added Orange, Purple, Black and Yellow)
  • Point of view presets - Done
  • Custom Render Scene
  • Import as mesh
  • Fix weird shading when using polycurve or vector handles - Done

Does the free version not have the example library? What does the paid version have? Thanks Darknoodles.

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The free version doesn’t currently have the library. I’ll add a little one later.
The paid version does have the lib + earlier access to new features :slight_smile:

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This is cool if it can work with the new Bevel Branch

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I just discovered this branch !
Looks very promising ! Well, i don’t know what they planned to do with Bezier Curves so i can’t really say if it will work. And i unfortunatly don’t have the time to work on a feature from an experimental branch :confused:
But… I’m pretty sure it can work well with PolySweeper if you convert the curve to mesh :slight_smile:
I can add a button “Import as mesh” to make things quicker


You make my day!
Actually I’m writing down the next release of polysweeper and I wrote a module dedicated to get work every kind of profiles, so no mesh conversion… I’m experimenting right now with curve mapping and it work very well also in extrude mode.

I would like to create a kind of library like you did but I couldnt find the time… I’ll buy your addon and I’ll see if I can easily add some pointer to selected curve on your library…


Nice ! I think they will work along pretty well :slight_smile:
Keep me in touch if you need something !


Hi, I made a few curves and they show up correct in the preview, but no matter what curve I select, it loads always the same curve. Tried Blender 2.80 and 2.81.

Then I checked the saved files and those are empty scenes. There is only orphan data.
The curves were made as follows: plane, use knife and delete one face, object > Convert to curve from mesh, origin to the most left bottom point (from top view).

Then did it again but with 2D curves, but it’s the same.
Any idea what it is?

Mmhh that’s weird.
The fact that the blend file only has the “orphan data” is normal. The blender API function i’m using is only writing the data to a blank file, but doesn’t append it to the scene. Howver if you see it in the orphan data with the FakeUser, then everything is normal. By the way if you drag it from the outliner to the 3D view, it will add it to the scene. Try it to see if the curve is not empty (but it should not as the thumbnails have been correctly rendered).

I reproduced your step but everything works here. Is there any message in the console ? How is you curve named ? Some characters may have unwanted behaviors.
Can you try selecting another category and returning to the previous one ?

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Indeed, I find it in Orphan data with a fake user, and if I drag it from the Outliner to the 3D view, then the correct curve show up.

The curves are named:

If I have time and you are interested, I can record an unlisted video and share in private message.
It’s a bit to much to explain by text I believe.

There is no error message in the system console.

That will help to speed thing up. Thanks

Sure ! Go ahead :slight_smile:
Can you record with blender on the half of the screen and the dir of the lib on the other ?

Glad to hear it :smiley:

Hello there !
A new version of the Addon is available :slight_smile:
I’ll make another video later !

Update 1.1
New Features

  • Replaced the drop down lists for the render settings with thumbnail previews
  • Added a “Keep Mat” checkbox to render the curves with their current materials.
  • Added “Replace” button, allowing to replace the selected curves in the scene to be
    replaced by the one in the library
  • Added curve name preview on mouse-over
  • Added Clear Rotation option so the renderer will set the curve flat on the floor if it is
    not in the scene
  • Added a Point of View selector.


  • Fixed weird shading when saving curves containing Vector Handles

Rendering with custom materials:
In the render style selector, thumbnails marked “EEVEE” uses EEVEE to render. You must select any of them and tick “Keep Mat” to render your thumbnails using your materials.
For the non EEVEE type, only the material/viewport color will be kept and used in combination with the matcap.

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Hello everyone !
For the BlackFriday, you can get the addon 40% off with the code “blendfriday”.
Code is active from now and until the Sunday 23h (or 11pm)

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Hell, I am importing dxf file from autocad, the object is as curve but try to add to your add on; there is nothing happen. Please help?

Could you take a look at the console and see if there are any error message ?
Try setting the curve to 2d curve if it’s 3d and see if it preserve its profile. The add-on does it automatically when you add the curve to the library, but if your curve if rotated in edit mode it will get flattened and so might become a single line.
Make sure you press the refresh button a bit after pressing the + button.
What version of Blender and CurveLib are you using ?
What operating system are you on ?
Could you send me your dxf ?

Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry for the long delay respond. I tried to flatten the cad file, and it works; if select multiple curves your add on convert it all into a single curve.

on blender 2.82, every time I add a curve; Blender force me to quit, is that normal operation? I used the free version of your add on from Gum Road ( v.

I do not currently develop on experimental branches of Blender, only the official releases.

Mhhh you mean that they all get merged into a single curve object ? That should not happen. The addon actually write every Curve Data from the selected Curve Objects to a temp file and read the temp file when rendering to append every Curve Data to the seen, and unlink them after the render is complete.
Can you take a look in the temp file ? It’s a .blend file located in the addon folder.
Set the outliner view to “Blender File” and take a look at the Curves and Objects section.
Could you provide me a video or your blend file ? Any error in the console ?

It is my bad. I just found out that in the process of flatten the cad file in AutoCAD it convert all the block to pline. If I leave it as blocks it doesn’t work with your add on. Thanks for the help.

When importing the dxf file the check box was merge objects. So it is a user fault. Thanks again.

Blender 2.82.6, macOS 10.13.6 & CurveLib 1.1.0 Free

Some issues:

1. When I select a 2D curve and push Add to Library nothing happens, it appears this console message:

Temp Blend: /Users/User/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.82/scripts/addons/CurveLib/temp.blend

Finished Writing curves to temp file

--background: /Applications/Blender/BLENDER: No such file or directory

CurveProfiles collection is created and the temp.blend file too, I have instaled Blender 2.82 in a subfolder of Applications folder > /Applications/Blender/BLENDER 2.82/ because I have different Blender versions installed.

If I move Blender application to Applications root folder then when I push Add to Library, another instance of Blender is opened but the addon doesn’t create the profile in the library, nothing in console.

2. When I push Append Curve of the Samples library it appears an error message:

Error: '/Users/User/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.82/scripts/addons/CurveLib/libraries/Samples\Heart.blend\Object\Heart': not a library
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/User/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.82/scripts/addons/CurveLib/", line 50, in execute
  File "/Applications/Blender/BLENDER 2.82/", line 201, in __call__
    ret = op_call(self.idname_py(), None, kw)
RuntimeError: Error: '/Users/Oxer/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.82/scripts/addons/CurveLib/libraries/Samples\Heart.blend\Object\Heart': not a library