nooob question(i think)

hi guys ive been using blender for around a month and have managed to figure quite a bit out using tuts etc however i cant find any tutorials on how to color in or texture my models

i use wings 3d to model and blender for the processor heavy stuff like animation and rendering etc etc
the problem i am having is that i simply dont have a clue how to apply differant textures or even colrs to differant parts of my model unless there seperate objects and even then i cant always do it
and also ive not been uv mapping my models as i dont know where to start
ive been applying image textures which i cant get to fit corectly theye stretch wierdly
and also theye look to flat

what i need help with
1 making image textures look better make bumps stand out like bricks in a wall(if possible)
2 using groups or something in order to be able to set differant colors etc to differant parts of my model
3 just advice on creating textures as ive been stealing images off google
4 any links pointing towards uv mapping tutorials

i realize this is a lot to ask guys and i dont expect answes to all my questions
any help is greatly appreciated i will go play some counterstrike whilst u try and help me :slight_smile:
thx in advance

Please Edit your post with the Subject Line …
Materials, Colors, UV Mapping, Normal Maps.



  3. 3D Game Textures


On 3 if you need a program which can make it easy to make realistic textures with normal maps get MapZone. After learning the nodes it’s not too hard to get great realistic textures with it.

It’s free too.

thx guys much appreciated

You going to change your subject line?
If you don’t it will more or less get lost
then when people search the forums
they most likely won’t find it.

i have another noob question.
i have loaded my texture into the Shading-texture buttons, but i cant get it to apply to the object, even in a render.

please help!

never mind, i figured it out

No dont nevermind I need to know too hahaha. What do you do?