NOOOOO00000oooooo........ My PC is.....

Let me give you the background. I have a Dell. It’s plugged into a monitor.
My mom has a Dell. It’s plugged into HER monitor. Yesterday, I needed to use her Dell PC where MY monitor is. I plugged HER Dell into MY monitor.

It worked fine.

Then I plugged MY Dell into MY monitor. I turned on MY Dell. It all worked fine. Then after the “Windows XP, Service Pack 2” window (with the little blue bar) loaded, MY monitor went to sleep. Like totally, conked out, ZZZ asleep. I hard rebooted MY PC, and the same thing happened. I got scared. I went to sleep. I got up. I tried some more. It didn’t work.

Any suggestions? Translation: DEAR FRIENDS, HELP ME!!!

Does the moniter still work on your mum’s pc or is it “broken” on just that pc? maybe see if her moniter works on your pc too…

I expect the service pack has killed your pc…

the more stuff [particularly spyware] you have installed the more likely an install of service pack 2 to kill your system

seems like a good excuse for a clean install of windows.

I’m sorry, I misled you. I’ve had service pack 2 on MY Dell for a while.

I think my mom’s Dell, Windows ME, has done something to my monitor.[/i]

I don’t think a fresh install is necessary in this case. I mean, you just unplugged the monitor from your computer, plugged it into the other computer, then plugged it back into yours. Is there anything in that process that will screw up XP? Look for alternative solutions before trying the most extreme one. If it worked using your mother’s monitor, then I think there’s either something wrong with your monitor, or you may have plugged it wrong.

Ooh! Maybe spyware got into the monitor from you mom’s computer and then went into yours! Just kidding…that’s unlikely.

I have heared from various sources, from avarange users… about similar/same problems…

…so far never really found the cause, BUT for some of them the following worked out…

reboot again or start your PC conected with the monitor and everyting else correctly
(befor windows boot) push F8 als long as needed
choose FailSafe mode or degraded mode (do not remember if thats the accurate name… have had to long an XP in use)
then after that you schould be in windows but in degraded color, and maybe low resulution mode any way

you find here a how to how you can reverse the changes that cause your problem… actually you should go/come so to an earlyer system stage where everyting was fine…
undo changes how-to…:

(edited several times cause my horrible spelleing/typing/grammar errors and my early beginning senility)

its VERY unlikely that your monitor was bricked by a computer. that said, i dont know how to fix it. check the mon on another comp and see if that helps. try your moms monitor on your computer. boot into safemode (f8) and try to fix it.

Boot up into safe mode and check the refresh rate. If you were using a resolution/refresh rate combination on your mother’s monitor that yours does not support it will keep it from operating once the windows desktop is loaded. It may go into a sleep state or display a message that says frequency over range. This is almost deffinetly the cause of your troubles. Hope this helps.

Is it plugged in, in the back ? Make sure it’s in all the way also make sure that your brightness is up.

TGinn- I never changed any settings on my Mom’s laptop while it was plugged into my computer, but I was trying to install USB drivers for a cable modem, an her Windows ME said it detected a new monitor.

I’m afraid to boot up into the little F2 or whatever thing, because I have no idea what I’d be doing.

I know it’s not an idiot-problem, like a cable, or brightness, because the Windows XP loading screen comes up before the monitor goes sleepy.

I had put the resolution too high for my monitor to be able to handle it, maybe something like that happened? You should be able to get through in safe-mode.

It’s time to either get over your fear or call Geek Squad, Rent-a-Nerd, Computer Troubleshooters, or whatever computer repair service is handy.

It’s F8, BTW.

All it does is give you a text menu that lets you choose special modes to boot Windows into. You probably want Safe Mode, which loads windows with the lowest quality video drivers, no network, etc., etc. so that pretty much nothing can go wrong. Hence the “Safe”.


– Early Ehlinger, President, ResPower, Inc.

If it detected a new monitor on either computer then the operating system likely changed the refresh/resolution on its own. I still think that this is the problem and like earlye said you need to use F8 to boot into safe mode and fix it. Don’t be afraid, theres no time like the present to learn somthing new. :wink:

So, in F8 Mode, what settings should I change?

I was not aware that a PC actually changed the monitor’s settings. I thought a monitor just did what it was “told”.

I don’t know what the proper Refresh Rate is. I guess I could experiment.
But I’ll probably do more harm than good… Oh well. Maybe I’ll get someone else to do it, and watch, so I don’t get blamed when I erase my harddrive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Right click on desktop -> properties -> settings.

That’s pretty much what’s happening - the monitor is being told to do something that it doesn’t know how to do, but which the other monitor does.

Start with the lowest resolution/refresh combination possible, like 640x480 at 60 Hz. Then work your way up from there. Your monitor doesn’t seem like it will break if you choose something wrong - it’ll just go to sleep.

And just avoid right-clicking on a drive’s icon and choosing “format.”

You’ll do fine. Take your time, read what you see on the screen, and have a little faith in yourself.

– Early Ehlinger, President, ResPower, Inc.

your monitor should be able to handle at least 1024*[email protected]

if its relatively new 1280*[email protected]

If I got a quarter for every ounce of stupidity I feel flowing through my stupid veins after realizing the problem, I would have enough money to purchase M$, Macintosh, and every island in the Carribeans.

See, I have my computer connected to a TV, with S-Video, and to my monitor, out of the same card. A few days ago, I was using my PC on the TV, and I forgot. :expressionless: I looked at my Gfx card again, and saw that S-Video cable. I had forgotten that the monitor boots up, then sleeps when the PC is active on another screen… I apologize MASSIVELY for wasting your time. Watch…


Well that’s all. Now I can sleep easier… Thanks for your support through this tumultous period in my life. :slight_smile:

No problem dude. This is a very friendly community, well most of the time. I’m glad you resolved your problem. Now, since everbody is so angry that you wasted their time you had better do some incredible blending to restore your pride. Just kidding. If you ever have a problem feel free to ask, no matter how stupid it is… well actually use some restraint. :wink:

Yup, it’s most often the simple things that is often the problem, I remember helping my neighbor with his monitor, didn’t turn on, I just reach in the back push the cord in all the way and everything worked fine, “Except those stupid dell hard drive with the error message” and fans making it sound like a jet was taken off.