I can’t believe it! Most bugs in 2.25 won’t keep me from completing my game, but this one can! :o
I noticed that if you have enough sounds, so that you have to databrowse, then when you try to select a sound for a sound actuator, and click on databrowse, not only does nothing come up, it “blanks” the sound actuator, as if no sound were selected. :x

What can I do? Is there a python script to play sounds?

No easy way around this problem. When you get up to 30 odd sounds blender does wipe your new and old sound actuators sound fields if you click on them. You can get around this quite easily by connencting your sounds (via sound actuators) to empties in separate blends and then append accordingly. I now have well over 150 sound files in my current blend - all appended.

Wow, great idea! Thanks! :smiley:
BTW, what is your game, anyway? :slight_smile:

I use blender for science based educational applications. Am also working on using AR (augmented reality) technology to set ‘player’ coordinates in blender using GPS and also web camera silhouette technology. With the web camera you can actually use your hand position to set x,y,z posiitonal infomation to then control the position of the player - a kind of joystick idea except no wires - just your hand.

I will post some pix when i get around to it - things are a bit commercially sensitive though so I am restricted.

Looking forward to the next “Legacy of Taro”.

it’s realy interesting for me, i’ll looking forward your pixs and informations…
do you have any site about this project?