Followed this tutorial, i know its not 100% realistic but i will work a little more on it


It’s always nice to see a smashed iphone :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t this Blenderguru??

Yep, that tutorial belongs to Andrew Price at

The only critique I have is that the particles are too big, which is making the blur effect kinda bad. Overall though it’s a nice render :slight_smile:

Just to let everyone know i didn’t know tat this was a Blender Guru, how it escaped me i do not know. All credit goes to the genius himself :slight_smile:

nice image!

Great image, I like what you did to that iphone :slight_smile: The blurry flying particles do look a bit odd, however…

Planetblender seem to be an RSS reader of the feed from blender sites, you can see the article on planetblender linking to blenderguru.

If that happened to me, I would probably loose my mind. But awesome detail!