Nor map problem

This has been bugging me for some time

I thought that the nor map could render different ‘heights’ of bump depending on the greyshade of the map but no matter what I do its either ‘in’ or ‘out’ (binary rather than gradual)

Im using a jpeg so I dont know if its like the transmaps and I need to use another raster format

Also, If I do a block of black, it just bumps the outline of the block and not the whole area. Im making sure its rgb 0,0,0 same as outline but its not playing.

Any ideas?


normal maps don’t specify the height, they specify the normal [direction tangent to] the surface

if you want a bump map just map it to the NOR channel and don’t turn on normal map in the texture


Nor channel? I know the english channel, whats the Nor channel?



In the MapTo tab, turn on NOR and set the value in the slider below.



Thats what Im doing - Im getting bumps but not gradiant bumps

Can you Pack the file and upload it please: