Nor maps problem

Hello guys.

I have problem with spaceship in GE. In rendering everything looking good, but when i launch the “game”, the Nor map is not working (I think).
I’m attaching pics from render and GE.
Thanks for help in adv.


Check and see if you have the ‘Normal Map’ boutton checked in texture buttons, and in material buttons

Yes, I have.

I baked Normal map again, and now I have this:


can u post me a .blend, even just a wing so that your model is safe.

Highlight the whole thing, take it into edit mode, and press CTRL, N. OK? If that doesn’t work, then you might have internal faces in your mesh. Generally, meshes are meant to be hollow, without any faces on the inside. To check, go into camera mode and zoom into your object, from there, you can inspect the inside.

I dont think its reversed normals, look at the second screenshot in the first post youngapprentice

Model is OK. I did try to add the same texture and Nor map to the simple plane, and the effect is the same. What else could it be?

OK, I think I got it. Something was wrong with this file. i exported everything to the empty one, and everything is OK now.