Nordic Archviz

Hey guys, heres my first try at ArchViz. Clients asked for some reference so I did this for my portfolio :slight_smile:

Id like to really hear how to make it even better, I am so new to ArchViz that I might have some obvious stuff done wrong here :expressionless:

It’s good to see a lot of quality arch viz being posted lately, this one is a good example. Little details like simple fact you added gutters. I would say your grass is one area you could continue to tweek… it seems too angular and uniform to me.

But a very nice job indeed.

Very beautiful render with fine details. Looks like, well… Nordic. I would adjust the colors of the bushes/grass maybe a little. The white wall looks quite boring, how about adding another window or something? Anyways, good job.

Cool render.
As a portfolio, I would spend more time in the asphalt texture, in the grass and put someting out of the scene to generate a reflection in the glass.
I really liked the wooden slats.

beautiful piece, I like a lot the textures, materials and lighting on your scene, great job!

Thank you for your feedback!

Gonna adjust grass, bush texture and asphalt to make it even better :slight_smile: